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Enjoy non-stop gaming and let Kaspersky shield you from online security threats.

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Gamers need the right skills to win
Computers need the right protection to perform

Password Manager

Secure your game log-ins with unique passwords

Just as it’s important to save the game before going on that side quest, it’s equally critical to safeguard your online identity. Kaspersky’s Password Manager saves you the trouble of remembering individual passwords for each gaming account, by securely storing them, ready for easy access without risking account theft.

Game Mode

Get the unimpeded gaming experience

You’ve almost reached the final level. But this is exactly when you don’t want your PC to hang. Setting up Kaspersky will disable application alerts and ensure resource-consuming antivirus tasks are paused while gaming, all to reduce the load and keep your PC speed on par.

Apps administrator

Block malware disguised as legitimate

Safeguard yourself against file-encrypting malware, the hidden killer behind so many battle losses. Kaspersky can help by enabling a system watcher, configuring firewall settings and creating rules for applications, to avoid false virus detections.

Protection webcam

Combat remote robbery and piracy

While evading enemy territory, you will not want a real-life hacker to hijack your webcam in real-time. Kaspersky prevents unauthorized access to your web camera. This means a denial of webcam access for all applications and even a notification if any of these applications try to access your webcam.

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  • Take your
    game to the
    next level

    Take your
    game to the next level

    Before battling it out in the online arena, make sure to keep your digital security defense strategy ready to guard against viruses and ransomware. Kaspersky Total Security will help you do all that while protecting your PC without slowing down performance.

    Total Security

    Protects you and your family from
    ransomware and more

    ₹ 2149.00 ₹ 1,396.85
  • Safeguards you online

    Safeguards you online

    To become the top player, you need to strengthen your defenses. This means safeguarding your identity, protecting yourself from attacks when you download or stream, and blocking infected files. Now you can leave all this and more to Kaspersky’s Internet Security when it comes to protecting your privacy.

    Internet Security

    Protects your privacy and defends
    your PC against ransomware.

    ₹ 999.00 ₹ 699.30
  • Shields your
    privacy and data

    When you are gaming online, all data you send & receive is transferred via an encrypted, secure channel – and your location and IP address aren't revealed to the hackers.

    VPN Secure Connection

    Protects your online
    communications, privacy and data.

    ₹ 2000.00
  • Your password

    Doing almost anything online, including gaming, requires creating accounts. Kaspersky's Password Manager helps gamers and other account holders in creating strong passwords and managing them safely, both locally and in the cloud.

    Password Manager

    Sync, access and secure all
    data from PCs, mobiles and tablets.

    ₹ 999.00




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