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Kaspersky protects over 400 million people and 220,000 companies worldwide.

We are a private international cybersecurity company with the holding company domiciled in the United Kingdom.

Since 1997 we’ve been transforming our leading security intelligence into real protection, ensuring our customers safety and empowering them with the confidence to use our protection technologies in both personal life and business.

We regularly asses our technologies efficiency in measurable independent tests to control its quality against modern threats. The results are taken into account in the public TOP3 metrics. All awards and recognitions earned by Kaspersky's solutions can be found on Awards page.

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Our values

The foundational principles that drive our passion for security and dedication to our customers.

Be there for you
We never lose sight of the people we build our solutions for.
Be committed experts
Through our recognized technology expertise, we are committed to providing trust, safety and confidence.
Be cleverly inventive
We're tirelessly looking for new smart solutions and always striving to reach new levels.
Be powered by challenges
We constantly challenge ourselves and the status quo to do what others can't.

Mission Statement

Building a safer world

We're adopting a Cyber Immune approach to security.

We're designing systems that are secure by design, systems where the cost of an attack outweighs the potential benefits.

Eugene Kaspersky

CEO of Kaspersky

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The teams behind high-grade protection

World-Class Professionals. World-Class Cybersecurity Expertise

Big brands vouch for us

Whatever the size of your organization, you’re in safe hands.

“Our partnership with Kaspersky is built upon cutting-edge innovation. Through close collaboration, we’re able to jointly develop solutions that match our evolving security needs.”
Vittorio Boero

CIO Piaggio Group

“With the quality of the Kaspersky Lab product, operations at our remote offices are much smoother and we are not wasting resources fixing damaged systems and equipment.”
Paul Purification

Systems Engineer, BRAC Microfinance

“Kaspersky exceeded my expectations with their features and by listening to what we needed. They gave us con­fidence in the product and the people behind it and enabled us to have a more secure network”
Rashid AlNahlawi

IT Security Consultant, Qatar Olympic Committee

Global Partnerships and Sponsorships

Sponsors and partners move and act like we do. Fast. Smart. Cutting edge. Always looking ahead.

ESG sustainable development strategy

Kaspersky implements sustainable development principles in its business processes to build a safe and sustainable digital world.

Kaspersky’s Sustainability Report for the second half of 2022 and 2023

Kaspersky today

A brief history of Kaspersky

More than 25 years of the most important events in the cybersecurity industry and Kaspersky’s history.

Eugene Kaspersky begins fighting viruses
Eugene Kaspersky discovers a virus called Cascade.1704 on his work computer, an Olivetti M24, and writes his first virus removal tool.
Kaspersky Lab is founded
The company is established on June 26, 1997.
First office established abroad
The first foreign Kaspersky Lab office opens, in Great Britain.
Handheld version of Kaspersky
In Russia, Kaspersky Anti-Virus comes with Palm, Handspring, and Sony PDAs.
International expansion
Kaspersky Lab opens offices in Japan, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, and China. Offices in the United States and many other countries will open in years to come.
Hourly updates
Kaspersky Lab is the first company in the world to update its antivirus databases hourly.
Kaspersky for Business
The Kaspersky Open Space Security product line for business is introduced.
Foundation of GReAT
The Global Research and Analysis Team is founded.
First Security Analyst Summit conference
Kaspersky Lab holds its first conference for researchers and analysts from all over the world.
First Antarctic expedition
The first Antarctic expedition sponsored by Kaspersky Lab takes place. This expedition sparks a close relationship between Kaspersky Lab and traveling. Kaspersky Lab will go on to sponsor two more Antarctic expeditions and the 7 Volcanoes expedition.
Partnership with Formula 1
Kaspersky Lab and Scuderia Ferrari, a Formula 1 team, announce their partnership. Later on, the Kaspersky Motorsport team will be founded, and then Kaspersky Labs will partner with automotive companies from various countries to protect connected car components against cyberattacks.
Green bear
Our mascot appears: a green bear named Midori Kuma. The mascot will go on to visit Antarctica as well as other continents.
Agreement with Interpol
Kaspersky Lab announces its cooperation with Interpol.
New office
The company's Moscow headquarters moves to a new office. Within several months, an elephant sculpted by Salvador Dali appears in the office.
Biochip implant
Several Kaspersky Lab employees implanted biochips into their hand to understand what advantages and threats mankind faces with body augmentation.
No More Ransom initiative
A joint initiative of Kaspersky Lab, Interpol, and Intel Security, the campaign is directed against Trojan encryptors and their creators. Over the course of a year, dozens of antivirus companies and police forces from various countries join the initiative, and assists thousands of victims with data decryption.
Kaspersky OS announcement
Our own secure operating system, in development for 11 years, is finally ready. It will protect critical infrastructure against all threats, including unknown ones.
Global Transperancy Intiative
Kaspersky Lab launched the Global Transparency Initiative that reflects the company’s ongoing commitment to assuring the integrity and trustworthiness of its products. As part of the initiative, Kaspersky started relocation of customer data storage and processing to Switzerland and opened the first Transparency Center in Zurich.
Kaspersky Lab becomes Kaspersky, with a mission focused on ’Building a safer world’. The new branding reflects the evolution of our business focus from ’cybersecurity’ towards the wider concept of ’cyber-immunity’.
Supporting the community during the pandemic
During the challenging epidemiological situation, Kaspersky has supported healthcare institutions by offering free licenses for its core endpoint security products to hospitals and clinics worldwide, and contributed to several international and regional initiatives.
The cybersecurity company with a 24-year history
Today, Kaspersky is one of the world's largest privately-owned cybersecurity companies with more than 4000 employees and offices in 31 countries. Our technologies protect more than 400,000,000 users around the world. We are here to save the world, and we know we can do it.

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