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Rising cyberthreats cause severe financial damage

Evasive threats are cheap to deploy but often result in costly implications and devastating losses.


Nearly half of businesses think the threat landscape is evolving and growing faster than they can respond


A majority of organisations have already fallen victim to devastating ransomware attacks


The average cost for a business to recover from a destructive system breach

Goes hard on threats

Kaspersky Next EDR Optimum combines streamlined EDR with powerful endpoint protection to offer growing businesses a straightforward and robust defense against a wide range of threats.
  • Understand threats. Gain visibility into threats and learn their paths on the endpoint. Follow up with a quick and painless root cause analysis over all the gathered data — all in a single card alert.
  • Fight them effectively. Stop threats in their tracks with confidence thanks to guided response and automation.
  • Discover what’s hidden. Get ahead of attacks and uncover their traces across endpoints with IoC generated from an investigated alert or imported from a trusted source.

Goes easy on resources

Neither your business nor your security can afford to be slowed down. Kaspersky Next EDR Optimum keeps things quick and simple and helps you focus on what’s really important.
  • Optimise costs. Reduce Total Cost of Ownership by using cloud and multiple automation features, or install on-premises for complete control.
  • Control your attack surface. Secure your cloud service usage and automate attack surface reduction with enterprise-grade controls.
  • Involve your team. Make use of built-in cybersecurity trainings for your IT staff, empowering them to assist in threat detection and valuable data collection.
How to investigate and respond to threats with Kaspersky Next EDR Optimum
See how quickly and efficiently you can find out the root cause of a threat and respond to it accordingly.

Why your business can trust Kaspersky

Kaspersky products are regularly assessed by world-leading research firms and have been increasingly recognised in the cybersecurity industry for their crucial role in threat detection, investigation, and response.

Secure your business on all fronts

Here are a few scenarios where Kaspersky Next EDR Optimum can help smaller cybersecurity teams upgrade their incident response capabilities and develop their expertise without a huge time commitment.

Simply follow the recommended steps in the alert card to find the root cause, isolate the host, and prevent the file from being executed in the future.

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