Kaspersky AdCleaner


Kaspersky AdCleaner

  • Boosts privacy, performance & efficiency – when you’re online

    Boosted online experience

    By removing adverts, popups, autoplays, trackers and more… Kaspersky AdCleaner helps you enjoy a more productive online experience.

  • Helps to keep your browsing details confidential

    Kaspersky AdCleaner also helps to stop your web browser activities being tracked – to help you keep your online life and personal information private.

    Keeps your browser details confidential
  • Blocks ads that can slow down your online activities

    Blocking adverts for displaying

    By blocking adverts, trackers and more, Kaspersky AdCleaner helps you to enjoy faster browsing – and it’s faster to download the things you really want.


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System Requirements

  • iPhone and iPad
    • iOS® 9.0
    • 30 MB free space to install the application
    • Processor architecture: ARM64
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    400 million users protected

    by Kaspersky Lab Technologies

  • 360K

    new malicious files detected by us every day

  • 270K

    companies use our security

  • 200

    countries and territories benefit from our products

  • ~ 120

    global Technology / OEM Agreements