APAC is Ours: Asian Manufacturing Awards 2017 Proves KL the Best

at Asian Manufacturing Awards 2017, held in Singapore, we were recognized as the Best Industrial Cybersecurity Provider.

This year’s summertime comes to its dawn but good news never end. Kaspersky Lab’s APAC activities proved fruitful, and we reaped our next reward: at Asian Manufacturing Awards 2017, held in Singapore, we were recognized as the Best Industrial Cybersecurity Provider.

Since 2012, the Asian Manufacturing Awards (AMA) prize companies which deliver cutting-edge industrial technology solutions and services.

This year, close to 100 nominations across the 25 award categories were assessed by a judging panel of ten internationally recognized experts and practitioners. Their variety of industry sectors and disciplines was huge indeed: from pharma to robotics, from oil & gas to logistics and even more.

This year, the gala dinner and awards ceremony was held on July 27, at the Mandarin Orchard Hotel Singapore.

Of course, there were savvy cybersecurity experts who rewarded Kaspersky Lab for its “contribution in the transformation of the region’s manufacturing abilities, protecting complex industrial environments that contain a diverse range of proprietary systems through Kaspersky Industrial CyberSecurity solution”.

So far so good: KL’s extensive industry knowledge and experience enabled us to win this corporate award, gaining even more business networking opportunities in APAC. It was preceded by our intensive efforts and business development activities, like KICS panel discussion in Mumbai for Petrochemical, Oil & Gas, Aerospace & Defence, and Pharmaceutical businesses, KICS sales training and press conference in Malaysia, or Kaspersky Lab Site Learning Trip 2017 in Bangkok that involved high-ranked government authorities. Last but not least, we were bagged three stellar honors at 2017 Network World Asia Information Management Awards in Singapore before.

So, we did one more step towards protecting APAC industrial and public infrastructure which, as we know, is increasingly the target of cyber espionage and cyberterrorism. AMA experts consider it is imperative that manufacturers should not only reach but also sustain operational excellence. And their appreciation means so far, that we are ready to meet the specific requirements of industrial control systems and the organizations that are tasked with keeping critical infrastructure running in the region.

Marketing Director of APAC David Tiong confirms: “It is a tremendous honor and achievement to be recognized as a leader in providing cybersecurity solutions on a regional level. Additionally, this award is a testament to our hard work, tireless research and determination to make the world a safer place”.

Well, this award motivates us to strive towards future excellence and huge business success within APAC, and, as no benefit comes without people, we want to thank Stephan Neumeier, the Managing Director for APAC, Andrey Suvorov, KICS and HQ team for all their support. Many kudos to you, colleagues!