Kaspersky Web Traffic Security is flexible gateway protection

Our security solution for Internet gateways is updated and more capable than ever.

Our security solution for Internet gateways is updated and more capable than ever.

Protection from online threats is one of today’s key business challenges. In 2019, one in five Kaspersky users faced at least one malware attack distributed through websites. Modern endpoint security solutions detect and neutralize many online threats. However, in many scenarios, workstation protection is not enough.

These scenarios tend to involve the traditional weakest link, employees. We repeatedly encounter incidents caused by someone disabling a security solution component. When asked why, they typically respond that they found the advice online or thought it wasn’t needed, or even that it was interfering with work. Malware penetration of company infrastructure is often the result of personal devices connecting to the corporate network. And there is always phishing — cybercriminals can trick employees into entering corporate data on a fake website.

It’s most commonly small companies that face such problems because smaller businesses are less likely to devote the resources to regularly train staff or to install and maintain complex solutions that can impose tough restrictions.

The latest update of Kaspersky Web Traffic Security, which appeared late last year, addressed this issue. The solution can now be installed not only in concert with a proxy server that is already part of your infrastructure, but also deployed as a ready-made proxy server with integrated protection. The second option, which can be implemented either as a virtual appliance or as a hardware-based solution, minimizes the cost of deploying and maintaining the Web traffic security system.

Such solutions are usually associated with complex manipulations requiring serious Linux administration skills, but the new version of Kaspersky Web Traffic Security is designed in a way that it can be installed and configured without any knowledge of Linux at all. General network administration skills are enough; configuration wizards and convenient control console menus help with the rest.

What can Kaspersky Web Traffic Security do?

The application allows you to filter traffic at the Internet gateway level — that is, at the entrance and exit of your corporate network. Kaspersky Web Traffic Security:

  • Stops most mass threats before they even reach workstations.
  • Automatically blocks not just malicious, but also phishing Web resources, simply by preventing employees from slipping up.
  • Saves system administrators’ time and worry — there is no need to trawl through alerts on every computer on the network.

Flexible configuration

The updated Kaspersky Web Traffic Security lets you create independent configurations for different networks and manage them from a single console. This is handy for companies that have branches with particular security requirements, as well as for MSPs and other providers that offer cybersecurity services to customers.

Moreover, Kaspersky Web Traffic Security does not conflict with other security solutions for gateways, so even if you use another solution for basic protection, you can add it for maximum security.

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