Transatlantic Cable podcast, episode 123

On this podcast, Dave and Jeff address a ransomware attack in New Orleans, Facebook data stolen from a car, favorite Christmas movies, and more.

New Orleans being cyberattacked, hard drives with Facebook data stolen from a car, favorite Christmas movies, and more

Welcome to the final edition of the Kaspersky Transatlantic Cable podcast for 2019. Dave and I kick off episode 123 with a story in the city of New Orleans.

Last week, the home of the famous Mardi Gras festivities was hit with a series of cyberattacks including phishing and ransomware. To avoid the spread of the attack, the city pulled their computers offline and asked their employees to resort to using old-school tools like radios and pens and paper.

Following that story, we move on to the latest issue pertaining to Facebook and data privacy. However, the twist here is that unlike the usual stories of user data compromise, this story involves employee data being stolen. Also the attack was hardly “cyber”; the stolen data, including banking account info for 29,000 employees, was on hard drives left in an employee’s car.

Next up is Ring’s home surveillance network. It seems the popular home doorbell camera is sharing more than many would like, bringing into question whether installing the IoT device is actually a good idea. To close out the story portion of our podcast, we talk about the devastating toll YouTube’s video moderation takes on moderators.

In the final portion of the podcast, Dave and I debate our favorite holiday movies. The video clip above may be something of a spoiler, but tune in until the end to hear the full list; you may find some surprises.

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