Transatlantic Cable podcast, episode 136

In this episode, Dave and Jeff sit down with Kristina Shingareva to discuss the stalkerware problem.

Kaspersky podcast: A look at the dangers of stalkerware and why everyone should be aware of it

For this week’s edition of the Kaspersky Transatlantic Cable podcast, Dave and I return to a bit of normalcy while also adding in another interview with a member of our larger Kaspersky team.

We kick off the session discussing with the UK removing broadband caps during the Covid-19 pandemic. From there, we jump onto the Zoom wagon, where we look at how the company has removed some data sharing with Facebook that had users uneasy.

Our third story takes a look at the latest scam on YouTube: attackers taking over accounts, posing as Microsoft, and trying to rope users into a cryptocurrency Ponzi scheme. Please don’t fall for this.

We then sit down with Kristina Shingareva, the head of external relations at Kaspersky. During our chat, we discuss the dangers of stalkerware, her work with the Coalition Against Stalkerware, and more. We close with a story of how companies are using software to make sure that their employees are actually working during the day — through pictures from their webcams.

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