Transatlantic Cable podcast, episode 161

This week, Dave and Jeff talk about Zoom-bombers, Donald Trump hackers, and some Scouts tackling fake news.

Transatlantic Cable Podcast – episode 161

Episode 161 of the Kaspersky podcast kicks off with something that should have been left in the past: Zoom-bombing. Turns out it’s still very much a nuisance and is now being used to attack schools and lessons.

From there, Dave and Jeff look at how “three middle-aged Dutch hackers” managed to break into Donald Trump’s Twitter account back in 2016 (credential stuffing and poor password management). They’ve since handed details over to the relevant US authorities. Moving on, the pair looks at how Portland, Oregon, is trying to take on facial recognition by banning its use in both private and public institutions. To wrap up, they look at an intriguing update from the UK, where Bear Grylls is asking Scouts to take a “fake news” test, helping children to better understand fake news and why it spreads.

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