Transatlantic Cable podcast, episode 165

Jeff and Dave chat about the MosaicRegressor UEFI bootkit, a Grindr copy-paste hack, and more.

What is MosaicRegressor?

The SAS is here — digitally, of course; it is 2020, after all. To kick off the latest iteration of the Transatlantic Cable podcast, Dave and I chat about a topic presented at the conference.

We begin with Mark Lechtik, Igor Kuznetsov, and Yury Parshin’s research on MosaicRegressor. This new malware uses a UEFI foothold to plant a second, more traditional piece of spyware on a target computer’s hard drive.

From there, we jump to the state of New Jersey, where a hospital hit with a ransomware attack paid a partial ransom.

For our third story, we head over to the world of dating apps and discuss a vulnerability in Grindr. It’s been patched, but it was pretty bad.

To close things out, we look at the misuse of Excel in the UK when it comes to COVID-19 case tracking.

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