Transatlantic Cable podcast, episode 77

Jeff and David take a look at a recalled smart watch in the EU, faulty webcam covers from the NSA, changes in iOS, and more.

In episode 77 of the Kaspersky Lab Transatlantic Cable podcast, Dave and I look at stories that impact consumers from their wrists to their pockets and inboxes. The first story hits home for parents: the insecurity and subsequent recall in the European Union of ENOX Safe-KID-One smartwatches. Continuing, we stay on the insecurity bandwagon and discuss the lack of security in some webcam covers handed out at a conference from the NSA.

After that, we look at an upcoming iOS access change to device gyroscopes, followed by a potential security issue with Gmail that can be exploited by scammers. We close with a post that looks at a recent takedown of DDoS-for-hire services in the UK as part of a global initiative.

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