SAS postscript: Webinar on IT security vulnerabilities in healthcare

Security experts highlight potential entry points into healthcare networks and describe relevant cyberthreats

Each year, the Kaspersky Security Analyst Summit (SAS) brings together cybersecurity specialists from all over the world to share expertise, discuss new trends, and present their research. For those who can’t attend this year’s event but still want to get acquainted with the latest research, we’ve planned a series of webinars that will cover major SAS findings. One of them will be dedicated to healthcare cybersecurity and the task of protecting patients’ private data.


As our experts predicted, the numbers of medical data breaches and leaks is increasing year to year. According to the independent Identity Theft Resource Center, since the beginning of 2018, at least 40 medical or healthcare data breaches have already been registered. And that does not include incidents of ransomware infection. Moreover, our systems detected some kind of malware on the servers or computers of more than 60% of the medical organizations that are our clients.

To strengthen cyberdefenses, our experts analyzed dozens of incidents and searched for weak spots. During the webinar they plan to:

  • Highlight potential entry points into medical infrastructure;
  • Name threats that affect medical networks;
  • Give recommendations on how to counter those threats and guard those entry points.

In addition to the healthcare theme, we plan to hold four more webinars:

  • Recently discovered sophisticated cyberthreats — are you ready?
  • The end of cyberthreat intelligence. Can we keep pace with criminals’ developing tactics?
  • How underground intelligence could save financial services
  • The Brazilian art of credit card hijacking. A new way to steal your money (Portuguese language only)

You can join any of them by registering on the Security Analyst Summit P.S. webpage.