October 21, 2016

Who owns our data? Evgeny Chereshnev talks at TedX Kazan

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Last week, our bionic man, Evgeny Chereshnev, headed to Kazan to speak at a TedX event. During his 17-minute talk, he discussed what he has learned from having a biochip in his hand.

As any regular reader of this blog knows, he is quite vocal about the use cases of the biochip and the synergy between man and machine. However, one issue he mentioned in the talk is quite the conversation starter: who owns our digital data and memories?
In the video below, Chereshnev discusses how data has really become part of our DNA and why he believes we need to start looking more into what the future holds for our data.

So, hang on tight and watch the video below with an open mind as we look at the future of our data.

What do you think? Are you ready to take control of your digital memories? Let us know on the survey link below.