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Protection of all levels of the industrial enterprise

The key task of information security professionals is to build comprehensive and layered protection of assets and information systems at all levels, ensuring their observability and connectivity. The unified security concept must include three core elements of production and business process continuity: technology, expertise, knowledge.

Unified security concept

Detection and neutralization of cyberphysical threats at all levels of the industrial enterprise's systems and networks.


Full range of tested and approved cyber-physical security products


Reliable threat intelligence, industrial cybersecurity awareness and expert-level training


A suite of expert services for comprehensive industrial cybersecurity

Points of use

Protection on every level

Convergence of IT and OT and the correlation of data from all available sources. Unify security processes and approaches with Hybrid XDR technology. Training programs, consulting, advanced threat intelligence.

11th Kaspersky industrial cybersecurity conference

September 13-15, 2023, Sochi, Russia.
Plan your participation in 2024.