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Kaspersky Mobile Security

Advanced security, management and control for smartphones and tablets

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Threat Environment

Hackers are unleashing an increasing volume of threats specifically targeting mobile devices. In 2014, the number of attacks against Android devices was 4 times greater than in 2013. While the majority of attacks focused on Android devices, there’s now a growing volume of cyber threats targeting iPhones & iPads. Because iOS devices are so popular, cybercriminals are devoting more effort to compromising their security. Even connecting an iPhone to a Mac – to charge its battery – can result in malicious threats passing from Mac to iPhone.

BYOD Can Add to Your Risks

If we add in the growing adoption of BYOD (bring your own device) initiatives, the security risks are multiplied further. With employees’ own mobile devices now carrying a mix of their own personal apps & data – plus corporate data and access passwords – the likelihood of security breaches has greatly increased. Furthermore, because mobile devices are so small, they’re easily lost or stolen – and missing devices can give unauthorized users direct access to corporate systems and data.

What We Offer

Kaspersky Lab solutions help to keep Android, iOS and Windows Phone devices secure and managed*. Multi-layer protection – including our cloud-assisted technology and Kaspersky Security Network – defend smartphones & tablets against the latest cyber threats, e.g. Trojans, phishing attacks and much more. Kaspersky Mobile Security solution also helps you apply security policies & settings across almost all devices, e.g. Android, iOS, Blackberry, Windows Phone devices. Furthermore, if a mobile device is lost or stolen, anti-theft functions help you prevent access to corporate data. Remotely operated features let you block access to data & apps on the device, wipe data and find the device’s location.

*Not all features are available on every mobile platform.

  • Mobile Security

    Our mobile security technologies deliver multi-layered defense against the latest mobile threats plus a whole host of anti-theft features that can be operated remotely

  • Mobile Application Management

    Control tools – together with ‘app wrapping’ containerization – help to secure corporate data and systems and provide efficient BYOD security policy

  • Mobile Device Management

    By enabling access to different platforms’ MDM functions – via a single interface – our solution saves time and makes it easier to roll out unified mobile security policies

What it Gives to Your Business

Secure Containers Add to Post-BYOD Security

Our ‘app wrapping’ containerization technology wraps business apps in special containers on the user’s device. Your apps and data are stored inside the containers – so they’re totally separated from the user’s personal apps and data. You can enforce data encryption for all data inside the containers and you can prevent users copying containerized data and pasting it outside the container. When an employee leaves – taking their BYOD mobile with them – you can delete all containerized apps & data.

Giving You More Control Over Mobile Security

Flexible control tools add extra layers of security. Application Control helps you to manage which apps are permitted to install and run on the devices that you allow to access your corporate systems and data. Web Control makes it easy for you to manage how users are permitted to access the Web on their mobile devices. Malicious websites are blocked and you can also block sites that don’t conform to your corporate security or usage policies – such as social media, gambling or adult websites.

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Premium Support and Professional Services

Professional help is available whenever you need it. Operating in more than 200 countries, from 34 offices worldwide, we have you covered 24/7/365. Take advantage of our Maintenance Service Agreement (MSA) support packages, or call on our Professional Services to ensure that you derive maximum benefit from your Kaspersky Lab security installation.

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