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Allowlist Program

The Allowlist Program lets you add legal software to the Kaspersky Allowlist system. Registration in the program is open to clients, vendors and software developers interested in proactively preventing false positives.



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Scan your files on Kaspersky Threat Intelligence Portal

The service provides up-to-date information on software identified by Kaspersky, including software submitted as part of the Allowlist Program.
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Please review the recommendations how to reduce risks of false positives

Threat Protection efficiency of Kaspersky solutions is confirmed by independent research. The protection quality is created by implementing a variety of technologies which provide both a high level of threat detection and minimum of false alarms.

In the article, you will learn what a false detection (or a false positive) is, and how to avoid it. Also, you will know how to decrease the risks of false alarms and possible damage they may cause. This article will be useful both for companies with and without a critical infrastructure. The recommendations are applicable in both cases.

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