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Kaspersky detection systems discovered an average of 380,000 new malicious files per day in 2021, reflecting a growth of 20,000 files per day compared to 2020. There are also new types of threat continuing to emerge: from advanced stealers targeting the accounts of popular online gaming platforms or cryptowallets, to stalkerware that enables a perpetrator to secretly spy on another person’s private life via a mobile device. It is therefore important for users to have the answers to all possible scenarios, so they can carry on living their digital lives with confidence – whether it’s ‘farming gold’ in their favorite MMORPG, introducing kids to their first tablet, arranging a video call for senior members of the family or simply looking to explore and try the next big thing like building a smart home or taking a tour of the ‘metaverse’.

In order to respond to these developing challenges and needs, Kaspersky has reimagined its consumer protection “beyond AV” and laid out its new approach and evolutionary vision for the upcoming years.

Introducing new Kaspersky offerings: from standard to premium

The new simplified product line has been divided into several plans – Kaspersky Standard, Kaspersky Plus and Kaspersky Premium. The updated range of plans is now platform agnostic, and every one provides protection for different types of devices on Windows, Mac, iOS and Android. These are all designed to reflect the level of functionality available to users across the entire ecosystem of the company’s consumer services.

Consumers who choose Kaspersky Standard will receive security functionality, including real-time protection against the latest digital threats and Safe Browsing & Anti-Phishing to provide defense from dangerous websites, downloads and extensions. The Standard plan also offers users a Pre-Kaspersky virus removal tool that can find and remove viruses that may have found their way into users’ PCs before they installed Kaspersky. On top of this, the plan includes a Firewall and Network Monitor which shows which apps are connected to the internet.

There is also a whole set of performance tools, including Quick Startup, PC Speed-up and Disk Space Cleanup tools. Game and Do Not Disturb modes, which switch on automatically during gaming, working or while streaming movies on a PC, ensure undisrupted experiences and minimize the usage of system resources, allowing reallocation to priority tasks. Stalkerware detection plus webcam and mic protection are some of the privacy features available to subscribers of this plan.

Privacy capabilities are more prominent in Kaspersky Plus. Users subscribed to this plan get access to everything available in Kaspersky Standard plus unlimited VPN and Premium Password Manager. They also get Data Leak Checker, which monitors the internet and dark web, warning users if their private data has been compromised and providing recommendations on what to do next. In addition, the plan includes Password Safety Status, which can enhance password protection by checking the safety status of passwords and their susceptibility to leaks. Under the Kaspersky Plus plan, users can also see which devices are connected to the home network, a particularly helpful feature for the owners of smart home tech.

The most feature-rich subscription plan, Kaspersky Premium, adds to all the previous capabilities by including digital identity protection and premium technical support – with priority access to phone calls or chat services, remote expert installation help and personal PC health checks. In order to provide comprehensive identity defense, users have access to Identity Protection Wallet, which stores copies of sensitive data (such as your passport or driver's license) in an encrypted format to prevent identity theft and lets you securely access your data across all of your devices. In addition, all customers of Kaspersky Premium will get a free one-year subscription of Kaspersky Safe Kids as a bonus, bringing additional value for parents.

In the future, Kaspersky is planning on further developing its ecosystem and expanding its list of partnerships and integrations, thus, delivering more value and services to its users.

UX improvements and subscriptions

A clearer, more user-friendly interface and experience enhance the new portfolio. Kaspersky has completely redesigned its solutions with the aim of improving customer interaction within the app and making it simpler and easier across the key areas – prevention (all dangerous threats are blocked automatically and users are notified), monitoring (users are notified about potential threats or actions that may lead to damage and have the opportunity to choose settings or actions in order to not interrupt their digital experience) and education (users can read about the functions and threats in special blocks if they want to learn more).

The new portfolio is designed to provide a clearer demonstration of the plan’s key capabilities, with guidance from the first moments of using the service thanks to an engaging onboarding process that simulates a trusted and friendly conversation. Quick action buttons provide immediate access to the most popular features. Security news and notifications can be found under the “Home” tab, while all the main information about the user’s subscription (status, renewal date, number of devices, etc.) is available in the “Profile” section.

“We want our customers to see our offering for what it really is. It isn’t just a PC antivirus solution, it’s a comprehensive ecosystem of security services for any platform and device, serving any user need. We have revamped the entire structure of the product interface as well as the overall experience for our users to help them understand and appreciate the scope and level of protection we're offering across security, performance, privacy and identity. And this is just the beginning: we plan to integrate more of our products and third-party products and services in order to expand the value we’re giving our clients,’ comments General Manager for South Asia at Kaspersky.

To learn more about the new Kaspersky product line and approach to consumer protection, visit here.

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Digital life deserves complete protection: Kaspersky announces early access to new and reimagined consumer product portfolio

Today Kaspersky has announced the launch of early access to its new, simplified consumer solutions portfolio, available on a subscription basis. Along with a new range of brand names, the reinvented product line brings an enhanced user interface and experience across multiple platforms. It also introduces a variety of features covering each category of contemporary consumer protection: security, privacy, performance and identity.
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