Tip of the week: How to pay less for the Internet on a trip

A software update can be costly if your computer does it when connected to the Internet over cellular. Here is how to avoid it.

We’ve gotten used to the benefits of unlimited Internet plans: we watch lots of videos on YouTube, download large files, and install numerous applications. Many of the applications have “silent” background updates that generate significant traffic volume. Antivirus software is among them: it downloads new application versions and updates databases on regular basis.


So, what to do if your normal network activity is confronted with a metered connection? This payment scheme is still common in many places around the world, and it’s prevalent when it comes to using the Internet over a cellular network. When the ISP charges you for the amount of data you use, you have to reduce your network activity. However, you should not worry about the excessive downloads of your antivirus, as Kaspersky Internet Security can automatically reduce its traffic.

Kaspersky Lab specialists developed a special mode, Cost-aware networking, and included it inKaspersky Internet Security. Let’s see how it works and how to enable this option:

Please note: this option is available only on Windows 8 and later operating systems. Kaspersky Internet Security relies on Windows to determine whether the current connection is unlimited or metered.

  1. Go to Settings->Additional->Network and make sure the check box Limit traffic on metered connections is selected in the Network settings window.


  1. When you use a metered connection, a special mode will be enabled in Kaspersky Internet Security which will limit the network activity of its components:
    1. Databases will not be updated
    2. Installers of new versions will not be downloaded
    3. News will not be displayed

Now you know which settings of Kaspersky Internet Security will save you from extra expenses when every byte of traffic counts.