Transatlantic Cable podcast, episode 126

On this podcast, Dave and Jeff discuss the latest scam targeting Travelex customers, a phishing attack on the UN, Australia relief being targeted by Magecart, and more.

Dave and I open up the 126th episode of the Kaspersky Transatlantic Cable podcast by following up on the Travelex story from last week. While not a resolution or “mission accomplished” moment, it is more of a warning about new phone-based scams targeting customers of the company.

For the second story, we look to the adult industry and an unfortunate data breach. Unlike many breaches that have similar personal identifiable information exposed, this breach exposes that and more including tattoos, scars, and photos of passports. From there, we head to an unsecured server from Peekaboo moments that shared intimate moments of babies.

While discussing intimate images being shared, we also look at a story from the BBC that examines the types of filters that allowed some ads to target people in surprising ways. The next story takes a look at how Google will be approaching third-party cookies in the coming years.

To close out the podcast we have a pair of stories that should grab the attention of businesses and consumers alike. The first examines a phishing attack on the United Nations, and the final tale looks at scammers targeting those donating to relief in Australia.

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