Transatlantic Cable podcast, episode 173

Jeff and Dave discuss new gaming scams, shady doorbells, recent leaks and ransomware incidents, and more.

Malware in Minecraft modpacks on Google Play, plus PUBG Mobile phishing, shady doorbells, and more.

Dave and I begin this week’s episode of the Kaspersky Transatlantic Cable podcast with a follow-up to the Capcom story we discussed last week.

It seems the cyberattack’s impact went beyond personally identifiable information, with the calendar of game rollouts leaked as well. The story continues to evolve, and we will more than likely come back to it in future episodes, so stay tuned.

From there, we take a look at some vulnerable, but super-affordable, doorbell cameras.

Our third story is about music service Spotify. Using credential stuffing, someone took over several hundred thousand Spotify accounts. PSA: It is 2020, so use a password manager already; make it your New Year’s Resolution if nothing else helps.

We close out the podcast with a look at two nefarious actors lurking and targeting the world of gaming — this time, players of PUBG Mobile and Minecraft are under threat.

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