Video: Six PayPal Security Features and How To Use Them

In this short video, we will explain six steps you can take to conveniently maximize the security of your PayPal account.

For most people that use the service, PayPal has the ability to both put money into and take money out of bank accounts. Therefore, it goes without saying that securing your PayPal account is of the utmost importance. In this video, we will examine six quick and convenient features that will significantly increase the security of your PayPal account.


Of course, following these steps alone will not offer you total protection. It’s important that you also make sure your browser and operating system are up to date and that you are running a strong antivirus solution.

Beyond that, we always advise that users have a single dedicated email account for the purposes of recovering accounts like this one in case it gets hijacked. The reason for keeping a separate, dedicated recovery email account is so that you won’t send emails with it, and no one will know it exists.

When using PayPal, always navigate directly to the website. Do not follow an email link to the site to login. This could be a phishing attack designed to steal your credentials. If you login and think something is up, ‘X’ out of your browser immediately, open it back up, navigate to PayPal, login back in, and change your password. Beyond that, you should change your PayPal password quarterly, because it may be among your most sensitive accounts.

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