Distributed ledgers require maximum protection – even if they appear to be secure by default

Blockchain technology is becoming an integral part of the business process in large companies. In its customized form for enterprises, commonly called Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT), it is used to verify transactions, control deliveries, monitor workplace operations and more.

However, the risks associated with blockchain infrastructure and applications still remain. If attackers decide to target an enterprise blockchain, the consequences can be dramatic for millions of consumers.  Disruptions to supplies, manufacturing and maintenance, and other adverse effects can threaten business as well as consumer convenience and safety.

We offer reliable, proven solutions that help protect your enterprise blockchain up to each individual node, ensuring your systems work smoothly and efficiently.

  • Technology

    Kaspersky Enterprise Blockchain Security is designed specifically for blockchain needs.

  • Continuity

    Our comprehensive service guarantees immutability and prevents incidents in your blockchain-based systems.

  • Transparency

    We help build a fully transparent and secure blockchain at every stage of the project.

The Use

  • Smart Contract and Chaincode Audit

    We provide a security audit for smart contracts and chaincode to make sure they are thoroughly analyzed for vulnerabilities, business logic discrepancies and undeclared functionality. As part of this service, we highlight all potential threats, allowing you to react and update your contracts accordingly. This way we ensure your business rules and processes are implemented securely and align with your goals.

  • Application Security Assessment

    This is the most effective way of revealing the number of vulnerabilities.
    Application Security Assessment for distributed ledgers is specially tailored for applications that work on top of blockchain infrastructure and make use of the advantages provided by P2P architecture.
    Results are delivered in a final report that includes detailed technical information on the assessment processes, the vulnerabilities revealed and recommendations.

  • Endpoint Security

    We offer an endpoint protection solution that secures the entire system at the device level. Adaptive, comprehensive security that scales with your business, safeguarding its continuity and assets. The service functionality, including Host Intrusion Prevention, cloud-enabled anomaly detection, as well as web, device and application controls, reduces your attack surface and helps keep corporate resources under control, even outside your IT perimeter.


Premium Support

Professional help is available whenever you need it. Operating in more than 200 countries, from 34 offices worldwide, we have you covered 24/7/365. Take advantage of our Premium support packages, or call on our Professional Services to ensure that you derive maximum benefit from your Kaspersky lab security installation.

White Papers

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The Risk

The use of DLTs for enterprises combines the risks of a large business with the vulnerabilities of a blockchain. There are already several methods of implementing the technology that require careful protection. Protection is only possible with the use of the latest powerful tools for monitoring, identifying and addressing threats. We’re able to offer a high level of expertise and extensive experience combined with a powerful resource to ensure the protection of your enterprise blockchain.

  • Scan

    Logical errors and bugs in Smart Contracts and chaincode lead to vulnerabilities in processes.

  • Scan

    Targeted attacks and APTs infiltrate the network to track processes, spy and initiate system failures.

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