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Kaspersky Mobile Security Software Development Kit

Kaspersky Mobile Security SDK is a powerful tool helping you design secure mobile apps quickly and efficiently, integrating multilayered protection directly into mobile applications.

  • Create secure environment on the device in which the partner’s app can run uncompromised
  • Unbeatable efficiency in terms of CPU usage and battery drain
  • Flexible business model that allows licensing the product with necessary features only
  • Android 5 and higher | iOS 12 and higher

Typical Customers

The following companies and entities will benefit the most from integrating Kaspersky Mobile Security SDK into their apps and products:

and other financial organizations
Large retail networks
and online marketplaces that have in-app shopping features
Governmental services
Hotel/apartment booking services
Car services
rental, sharing, taxi, and more
Air/rail tickets
Airlines and rail ticket sale apps
Android smartphone vendors
and large telecom operators that have their own app stores
App developers
Aggregators of useful features of Android smartphones

How Kaspersky Can Help Secure Financial Transactions Through Mobile Apps


Provide your customers with the protection needed to keep their mobile devices and valuable data secure

Data Safety

Make sure any financial data entered in the app stays safe and reaches the intended recipient – and only them!


Generate alerts if any financial Trojans, password stealers, phishing malware, etc. are detected on the device


Improve your existing security posture and ensure compliance with internal and external policies and requirements

SDK Functionality

Anti-Phishing protection
Denial of access to malicious and phishing websites; blocking of phishing SMS
Malware Detection
Best-in-class malware detection with a wide variety of basic and advanced scanning options to suit your malware detection requirements
Secure connectivity
Protect your Internet connections using URL monitor, Wi-Fi analyzer, Certificate validation and DNS Checker
Device reputation
Check the safety of mobile device configuration using root and jailbreak detection and device configuration control
Data Protection
Real-time protection of information entered by the users and an encrypted secure database for confidential data storage
Self Defense
Verify the application's digital signature and detect if Kaspersky component is unloaded from RAM
RAT Detection
Detection of both malicious and legitimate remote access tools (RAT) that might be a part of a complex attack on the user, possibly using social engineering.

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