Malware is created by a wide range of people such as vandals, swindlers, blackmailers, and other criminals. While the overwhelming majority of malicious programs are designed to make money illegally, the motives behind creating malware can range widely from pranks and activism, to cyber theft, espionage, and other serious crimes. If you’re mystified as to why someone would want to put so much effort into attacking your computer or your mobile device, let’s take a moment to consider the type of people that become malware creators… and how they benefit from creating malware.

Vandals, Swindlers, Blackmailers, and Cyber-criminals - Why Malware Gets Created

It’s a sad fact that, sooner or later, malicious individuals will find a way to exploit almost any invention or new technology in order to cause damage or generate revenues. As the legitimate use of computers, mobile devices, and the Internet has grown, so have the opportunities for disreputable people to benefit by creating these harmful computer viruses, worms, Trojans, and other forms of malware.

In the past, many of these malware creators were pranksters trying to alleviate boredom and make a name for themselves. While this is still true for some, most people who create malware do so for purely criminal purposes such as destroying files, glean personal and financial information, espionage, and many other illegal activities. Malware creation is big business for cybercriminals, one that profits off of your expense.

Malware creators can come from all over the world where many are linked to private and government organizations. However, malware creation really flourishes in regions where cybercrime laws are not enforced and there are few opportunities for technically skilled people.

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