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A Global Threat Intelligence Exchange Network Based on Data Science

The Latest Threat Intelligence for Your Protection

The Kaspersky Security Network (KSN) infrastructure is designed to receive and process complex global cyberthreat data, transforming it into the actionable threat intelligence that powers our products.

KSN is a prime example of global cooperation against cyberattacks. A key source of threat-related data comes from voluntary contributions from our customers. By sharing their depersonalized data and allowing it to be analyzed by our AI and human experts, they help us to ensure that our customers around the world are protected against the newest cyberthreats - KSN helps us to respond rapidly to emerging cyberthreats while delivering the highest possible levels of protection and helping reduce the number of false positives.

This global exchange of information is underpinned by trust and privacy – find out more about the principles of Kaspersky Security Network and our privacy policy !

  1. Anonymized detection and reputational data on objects and addresses, generated by Kaspersky products in action, is voluntarily shared by participating customers worldwide. This continuous stream of real-time intelligence forms the lifeblood of the Kaspersky Security Network.
  2. A spectrum of additional sources contribute threat intelligence to the data pool – including expert research from our GReAT and Anti-Malware Research teams.
  3. Raw threat intelligence is processed using data science-based algorithms (also known as 'machine learning', an aspect of AI) under the supervision of Kaspersky experts.
  4. The resulting actionable threat intelligence flows into 'treatment storage', ready for use by all our participants.
  5. When a deployed security solution encounters anything it doesn't immediately recognize, it requests information from the cloud.
  6. The Kaspersky Security Network instantly responds with a detection verdict or reputational information, as available.
  7. Business-specific, controlled-circulation and customized threat data feeds and analysis are available separately via Kaspersky Threat Intelligence Services.


Kaspersky Security Network encompasses numerous technologies and processes that work together with extreme precision. To find out more, explore our brochures and whitepapers.

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Privacy is key

As part of our Global Transparency Initiative, we have relocated data storage and processing for some regions to two data centers in Zurich, Switzerland. Since November 2018, we have been processing the files shared voluntarily with us by our users in Europe in these world-class facilities, fully compliant with industry standards to ensure the highest levels of security. The data processed here includes suspicious and previously unknown malicious files and the associated metadata sent to KSN for automated malware analysis.

Data sent to us is anonymized and protected, even in transit, in accordance with stringent industry standards including encryption, digital certificates, segregated storage and strict data access policies. Find out more about our data processing principles here here .