Kaspersky Security for Collaboration

Kaspersky Security for Collaboration Protection for Microsoft SharePoint

  • Protect entire SharePoint environment
  • Lightweight for optimised performance
  • Flexible policies & content filtering
  • Prevent the loss of confidential data
    • World-class anti-malware detection

      Innovative detection technology designed to identify and block malware from attempted uploads or downloads in real-time.

    • Centralized management of all servers

      Designed for ease of use by the administrator, global settings can be configured on all protected servers from a single console.

    • Enforcement of content policies

      Prevents end-users from storing specified types of files, (e.g. music, video, executable files) or files with inappropriate text.

    • Detailed, flexible reports

      Monitor security policies and statistics for detailed analysis of security status. Reports can be delivered via email in HTML format.

    • Powerful administrative tools

      Integration with Active Directory streamlines setup and user authentication. Flexible notifications, detailed logs and backup of modified files allow for a quick response to any violations or security issues.

    • Provides anti-virus barrier for SharePoint farms

      • High performance scanning engine
      • Centralized management of security settings
      • Detailed monitoring
    • Filtering of content

      • Prevent inappropriate external uploads
      • Enforce internal communication policies
      • Block storage by file type or text contents
    • Highly scalable

      • Low impact on system resources
    • Boosts data protection and compliance

      Kaspersky Security for Collaboration analyzes the content of all documents and automatically registers and blocks any that contain confidential corporate data or sensitive information about employees. In addition to scanning for words contained in its pre-installed glossaries – or the administrator’s custom glossary – it also scans for structured data.*

      *Data Loss Protection features are licensed separately.

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Kaspersky Security for Collaboration

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