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What is a private messenger?

So, what is a private messenger? Many would just say that a messaging app is private if the messages it conveys are encrypted. But in reality, messaging privacy is a

Faking out fake tech support

A few years ago, a criminal gang in India was making easy money off tech-illiterate people in Europe, Australia, and Great Britain. They did quite well until they encountered Kaspersky

Ransoc: a convincing threat

Imagine that your computer suddenly shows you a disturbing message: “It’s FBI. Illegal content has been detected on your device. You’ll be arrested for 20 years and fined for $200,000

Black Friday Survival Guide

Black Friday’s coming, and that means huge rebates and sales. Actually, the hype has already started and the sales have begun. If you have ever tried shopping offline on that

A Trojan from Google ads

If you don’t go to suspicious sites, malware can’t get you — right? Well, no. Unfortunately, even those who do not open unreliable e-mail attachments, avoid porn sites, and do

400 Trojans on Google Play

We often advise Android users to download apps from official app stores only. It is much more secure to search for apps on Google Play because all apps in the

MarsJoke: the cryptor and the cure

Every day, new versions and variations of ransomware pop up. Malware creators are still sure that ransomware is their ticket to easy street, despite the fact that law enforcement agencies

4 ways to hack an ATM

We have already told you about a number of hacker groups jackpotting money from ATMs. Now you can see it with your own eyes! Our experts shot four videos of

Lurk: Seek and destroy

Perhaps the biggest problem with cybercriminals is that they are extremely difficult to catch. Think of a real-life bank robbery with guns and face-masks — the thieves leave fingerprints; their

A universal VW key, just $40

Sometimes car security experts specialize, focusing on one vehicle brand or model. For example, Charlie Miller and Chris Valasek spent two years investigating Fiat Chrysler’s Jeep Cherokee. Their choice was