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The secret life of apps

Modern smartphones have way more memory than desktop computers had a decade ago. Out of space? Why bother deleting anything when you can just replace your old 64GB memory card

2016 results, 2017 predictions

As a tradition, at the end of the year our GReAT cybersecurity experts publish their predictions for the upcoming year. Let’s see which of last year’s predictions came true and then try

Safe online holiday shopping

It’s the most wonderful time of the year — families gearing up for the holiday season, bright-eyed shoppers making their lists and checking them twice…cybercriminals licking their chops and picking

What is ransomware?

This post is intended for people who either never heard of ransomware or knew about it but didn’t really pay attention. We will explain in practical, down-to-earth language what ransomware

Simply the best!

With lots of the things you buy, it’s easy enough to make an informed decision: read up on car specs, check a banana’s ripeness, try on a jacket. With security